Sponsorship and Advertising

Updated Friday September 29, 2017 by Outdoor Ball Hockey League.

Sponsorship and Advertising

We are looking for:

  • Local Sports Bars to Sponsor our Adult Leagues
  • Local Businesses to Sponsor our Youth Leagues
  • Local Businesses to Advertise at our rinks
  • Local Businesses to get involved in trade deals to help each other advertise

Did you know over 800,000 people drive by the New OBHL Confederation Beach Park Rink every year?

For more information and questions contact:
OBHL President:
Ryan Anderson

OBHL - Confederation Beach Park
680 Van Wagners Beach Rd
Hamilton On
L8E 3L8

OBHL - Fifty Point
Fifty Point Conservation Area
1479 Baseline Rd
Winona On
L8E 5G4

Call-Text 9055207965